Brandy » It was rather irritating since it was people who didn't live in the room on MY bed who got upset with me because I wasn't comfprtable with it.
DarkAngel101 » sexual activity is fun
brandylcargo » who the hell is Michael ZEN? I would be very greatful to anyone who would tell me
michael ZEN » no, really
michael ZEN » i love you
Manda » Oops... I'm Pockets, btw.
Manda » A random vistor, really. I saw your entry title: Concert Amusements/Embarrassments and decided to read ya.
Pockets » Hey Brandy... I know you don't know me, but... could you possibly find out how to spell Eric W's last name and post it in my blog??? I would hugely appreciate it!
kandy » im sorry about your mom and everything. i hope you get through your tough times
Obie » Great blog, Brandy. Loved reading about you falling head over heels for God *been there & it's awesome!* Check out my kutless music page on my site!
sweet » uiyoyio
sweet » hey whos this
Terry » Random blogged and found you... Your spring popped off your flute? Wow. Cant say as that has ever happened to me.. lmao
ika_sclub » nice site
Jae » Hey Brandy: Here's the premiere of my blog. Godspeed on finals.
The Kelly » hey b its ur big sissy jsut wanted to say hi see u on monday
Venka Says... » Didnt get to finish - but i think you listening is enough...
Venka Says... » U can only do as much 4 a person as listening - 4 they have to want or ask or seak the help they need -IF- they truly need it - A friend is 1 who listens - than leans their shoulder if needed
shannon » Tagging you! great blog brandyLcargo!!! have a great day. --shannon
Brit » hey this is cool, and rad that you're an intern. we have that at my church in B.C. (but i guess they're all over right hehe) come visit my website.