Entry: the Christian Church: Hatred and Discrimination Saturday, May 01, 2004

Ok, so I'm going to go off on two things but combine them into one idea because they are both the same idea just two different parts of it.


I know that what I have posted on this blog to this point has been rather unimportant and silly and, at times, even incredibly stupid, but this one is important. This one deals with much of who I am and what I believe.

Th link above came from a friend's blog. I about cried while reading it. Then I got relly angry, but overall I am simply upset and dissapointed that a believer would say such a thing to someone trying their hardest to follow after God's calling in their life.

This deals with women in ministry. The man's issue was that she was a woman and was preaching. He sent her an awful e-mail about it in which he even went as far as to question whether or not she actually was a believer merely because she was a WOMAN preacher.

As many of you read this know, I want more than anything to go into ministry someday and have come up against these issues many times through dealing with close-minded fundamentalists.

I want to go into ministry because I want to help start a revolution in the church. I want to help bring the church back to Christ's actual message. Christ did not teach hate. He did not teach racism or sexism or anything of the sort. Christ taught love for our neighbors and even went as far as to say that whatever we do to the least we have done to him.

He taught that we are to show concern for our fellow human being regardless of any manner in which we may see them as being different from ourselves. This means we are to love regardless of whether they are a different race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation (yes God loves the republicans too...something I constantly have to remind myself of), or anything else.

The message of Christ rarely spreads through such fundamentalism as is shown by so many in the church today. It is spread through love. One of my favorite hymns is "They'll know we are Christians by our Love" because it is through our love, rather than our hatered, closemindedness, and inability to accept our differentce that the true message of the gospel is spread.

Hatred and things such as sexism will never do anyone any good. If nothing else, people outside the church see it and decide they want nothing to with it and many more with in the church leave as a result of it.

You can't force or hate someone into the kingdom of God but you certainly can, through God, love them into it. Jesus's message was one of love and I think the church needs to go back and refind it's foundation in Christ and his teachings.


NameTammy Jo
October 27, 2004   09:00 PM PDT
Brandy: I found your blog by following links to this post on my blog. I have removed it because I still continue to get emails from this man. He was upset that i posted it It takes too much energy to fight this battle. But I am glad that it motivated you to go about speaking truth. . and I want to encourage you to keep on speaking boldly my sister. I see your heart in your words.

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