Entry: stream of consciousness Monday, April 12, 2004

I'm writing this as the thoughts come to me, so bear with me.

My little sister has gotten herself into quite a bit of trouble recently and just continues going. She put herself in a dangerous situation and then couldn't understand why my mom would be so upset about it all. As if that wasn't bad enough she has continued to say and do absolutely horrible things. I don't know I suppose we'll all figgure it out sooner or later but she really needs to get over some major issues.

On the up side, one of my very good guy friends in Atlanta was baptized this Sunday. It was very exciting to hear about. His family is Muslim and lives in New York, but he is at Emory in school and came into the campus ministry house that I used to hang out, helps and live at
 just to check it out and see what was going on. He stayed a few nights and asked quesitons until he had to leave to get work done and then accepted Christ a little while later. It was awesome to hear about this.

The church that I interned at last summer in Wendell, Idaho hosted their Easter service in their brand new sanctuary which is beautiful! I just saw a picture of it and thought it was incredible. I'm glad that the new building is finished it will give them more room to continue with God's work in the area. It's very exciting!

church I used to go to in Pennsylvania when I lived there is currently going through some major stuggles and is facing the horrible possibility that the church may soon have to close it's doors.

I am getting to go to a meeting tonight to help with the youth group at the churhc I am going to which is something that definately makes me happy. I love working with middle school and high school kids!


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